A Passionate team for your nextDigital Product


An IIT/IIM graduate armed with 20 + years of experience in core tech companies set out to create TechLadd. He created a core team of experienced developers who came together with one vision to bring a lean, user-centric approach to product innovation and software development by completely understanding the business needs before building anything. At TechLadd, we hire people who are passionate about technology and aim to change the world by making disruptive products through technology. At TechLadd we aim to create a startup ecosystem that will help nurture multiple startups in their journey from small startups to becoming a Unicorn.

TechLadd 's vision is to become your trusted technology partner for businesses seeking to build high-performing teams and innovative technology solutions that drive growth and success


Fueled by innovation and a dedication to excellence, we cultivate enduring partnerships by providing cutting-edge products and solutions. Our commitment to redefining industry benchmarks is evident through the seamless integration of AI and advanced technology, promising a future marked by transformative contributions and lasting value for our partners and stakeholders.


Our mission is to empower businesses through AI-driven digital transformation. We aim to streamline operations, unlock new opportunities for growth, and deliver impactful, data-driven insights. We are committed to developing ethical, user-friendly, and innovative AI solutions that not only meet the current needs of businesses but also anticipate and adapt to future challenges.

Meet Our Founders

Dilip Sah

Founder | CEO

IIT Kanpur | IIM Ahmedabad

Dilip is instrumental in managing the day-to-day operations and expansion of TechLadd. He has more than 20 years of experience in product development in leading product companies. He completed his bachelor’s and Master’s Degree from IIT & IIM.

P. Das Roy

Co Founder | VP (Tech)

IIT Mumbai

An Engineering Leader with 20 years of experience in software product development.  He was involved in driving Cloud-Native Transformations and Scalable SaaS Platforms on AWS. He has good experience in payments and telecom domain

Kapil Verma

Co Founder | CMO

University of Michigan

Kapil is a Product Leader with more than 20 years of experience with expertise in product management, business systems integration, cloud transformation, process optimization through lean, six sigma, CMMI and SAAS.

Our Advisors

Sachin Kumar

Data Science and

Machine Learning Expert

IIT Kanpur

Sachin has scaled global data science teams to drive excellence and revenue growth in fortune 500 companies. He is also a visiting faculty in premium institutes and speaker at various events.

Krishna Singh

Co-Founder @FanTiger

Ex-CTO @QualtechEdge

IIT Kanpur

Experienced CTO skilled in E-commerce, SaaS, and distributed systems, with a track record of successfully leading engineering teams and delivering end-to-end tech solutions by transforming business requirements.

Prasoon Nigam

Co-Founder @Doctor Learning

Speaker @Dataquest Conclave

IIT Kanpur

Being a keynote speaker at Dataquest Conclave. FocusON Learning, Learning Solutions Conference etc. showcase his expertise and thought leadership in the e-learning industry.